There is an unfortunate misconception amongst homeowners that a professional designer isn’t necessary. That it is a luxury most people can’t afford. This is simply not true – in fact, a professional designer can help you to avoid making costly mistakes, and thereby actually save you money!

The Top 3 reasons why you should consider hiring a professional designer for your next project:

They will help you figure out your vision – Putting together your interior design can be a bigger task than you might think. Choosing a couch you want may not be difficult, but making sure all the elements of your design complement each other can be.

They will collaborate with you – In addition to helping you achieve your vision, a professional designer will help you improve upon it with suggestions. By collaborating, you’ll have a much better chance at putting something special together.

They will prevent your budget from exploding – Professional designers can help you find good bargains due to their connections and will help keep you from making serious design errors that can cost a lot of money to fix.

Trilogy Partner’s unique Project Management Modeling (PMM) process employs a professional interior designer as part of the virtual 3D modeling process. See the interior design come to life in a highly detailed model before construction begins. For more interior design advice or more information about PMM, contact us at Trilogy Partners today.

Designing your kitchen space is something that you shouldn’t take lightly. More than any other space in the house, the kitchen has to be as functional as possible in order to be effective. A poor kitchen layout will result in a kitchen that is difficult and frustrating to use. This is why you should work with a kitchen designer.

The following are a few tips for working with kitchen designers:

Know the difference – Some kitchen designers work for certain kitchen product manufacturers, which means that they won’t be as objective about the materials they suggest you use since they work for a particular brand. The way you’re charged may be different as well.

Know the pros and cons of your kitchen – When renovating your kitchen, you’ll want to know what it is you like and don’t like about the space. This way your kitchen designer can help you fix what you don’t like while keeping what you like as it is.

Have a budget – Create a budget so that your designer knows what they have to work with in terms of materials and appliances.

Keep these tips in mind and contact us at Trilogy Partners for more professional design advice.

A smart, well-planned design makes your home not only more attractive, but also easier to live in. Trilogy Partners has been designing and building custom homes in the Colorado mountains since 1998, and we’d love to help you create the home of your dreams, too.

We take a team approach. Working closely with our design and build partners, we are involved in every step along the way, from your initial design to the finishing touches. You won’t find yourself making endless phone calls to builders and contractors — we keep everyone organized for you.

We work with your land. Trilogy Partners has created many beautiful homes and landscapes that integrate with the surrounding land features, rather than against them. We’ll create a space that accentuates the natural beauty all around you.

We’re experts on materials. As professionals, we have worked with many materials and can suggest the ones that are best for your home. We know where to get the best of everything, from stone to sustainable wood.

We employ advanced 3D Design Technology and Project Management Modeling throughout the design and build process. This allows everyone involved, from Architects to Framers, to have a better understanding of what the finished home will look like. And how it should be built.

Our clients recommend us because we stand behind our product. Completely.

If you’re looking for a Colorado builder and designer to tackle your project, contact Trilogy Partners today. Our team of talented experts is dedicated to designing stunning mountain homes for customers like you.


When it comes to designing your own home, having a clear budget is incredibly important. Without a detailed budget,
you may end up overspending and digging yourself into a financial hole. The following are a few home building budget tips to keep in mind:

Determine the type of project – You’ll budget differently for a renovation or remodel than you will for a new home construction. If you’re building a new project, then you can use a per square foot cost method for budgeting. This, however, won’t work for something like a kitchen remodel.

Determine additional costs – The construction isn’t going to be the only cost. Remember that you may have to pay for legal fees, land costs, landscaping, permit costs, financing costs, architectural fees, decorating and even the cost of moving.

Know what you want – Don’t budget for a standard oven if you know that you’re going to end up wanting a high-end stove. Know what you’re going to want and budget for that.

Choose Design Build + Project Management Modeling – Truly the best combination of process and technology available to bring your home project in on budget.

Involve a builder early in the Design Process even if you hire the architect first. Builders know what things cost. Designing without a builder’s practical guidance is a sure way to go over budget.

These are a few tips to keep in mind when budgeting for a project. Be sure to contact us at Trilogy Partners for more information and advice concerning your home design budget.

Function, mood, and personality are the 3 principles of interior design that should most often dictate your design choice.

Function, mood, and personality are the 3 principles of interior design that should most often dictate your design choice.

Creating a well-balanced interior design is much easier said than done. Before you get started trying to throw your interior design together, it’s important that you know the principles of interior design. The following are the 3 principles of interior design that you should use to guide you:

  1. Function – Function should always be your number one priority. It doesn’t matter if it looks good if it’s not functional, after all. For example, the way your furniture is arranged and how you’ve lit a specific room are vital to the function of a space.
  2. Mood – The mood you create in any given room is going to have an effect on the mood of the people within the room. Use colors, style, texture and patterns in order to establish the right mood. The best way to start is with an inspiration piece and a basic theme.
  3. Personality – Without personality, your home will just feel like a stale display. Add accessories to your interior design, such as area rugs, pictures, throw pillows and more. Don’t be afraid to be whimsical with your choices and to add some unexpected details.

Keep these principles in mind and contact Trilogy Partners for more interior design tips.

Quickie Video showing visual representation of Project Management Modeling.

Q. What is Project Management Modeling? 

A.  As design technology has evolved over the past decade, so has Trilogy. Our Project Management Modeling (PMM) includes, as an integral part of design process, the construction of the most advanced and detailed virtual 3d model currently possible. In essence, we build the house or structure in the computer, test drive it, optimize it, make sure it fits the needs of the client. And then we use that model as a primary information resource to complete construction. Yes, it’s unique. We know. We have a patent pending.  Since 2013, Trilogy Partners has completed, is constructing, or has in design more than $30,000,000 in PMM projects. PMM is now proven technology and a proven Management platform.

Q. How does the process work?

A. It’s simple. PMM begins as the project begins. First, we assemble the PMM team, usually consisting of the Client, Architects, Interior Architects, Engineers, and a PMM Manager who is an expert in PMM and construction principles. After site analysis, simple sketches and floor plan discussion, we move the project into virtual 3D Design using a program especially adapted to our process called SketchUp. Basically the point is that each of the disciplines works to complete their part of the virtual model. The process is very transparent and visual, so even the Client, who may have no design experience, feels comfortable collaborating. Once the model is complete, we have all the information necessary to build the home. Including accurate cost information. We render drawings necessary to satisfy local building departments and HOA’s, but the 3D model becomes in essence the guiding instruction set for the vast majority of the construction process.

Q. But how is PMM actually project management?

A. PMM is project management because it creates a organized, structured collaborative platform for design and then greatly aids in the supervision of the construction process by organizing all the specifications and data needed to build the home into a single shared information resource. This greatly aids in the supervision and management of the construction process. Having all the questions answered before construction starts means that the project can be completed more quickly.

Q. So the builder uses the model?

A. Not only does the builder use the model, the builder’s input is essential to building the PMM model. For the builder, the model is their chance to build the house at little or no cost and work out all the bugs or problems before construction begins and mistakes become very expensive.  That the model has been vetted for constructibility eliminates many of the uncertainties and errors that plague typical construction sites. It reduces onsite supervision. Change orders. And that reduces cost. PMM is simply the best management tool available. It’s concrete, and it’s simply common sense. Which is why, after decades in the business, we distilled all our knowledge about how things should be built and how projects should be managed, into PMM.

Q. So the subcontractors use the PMM Model?

A. Indeed… they LOVE the PMM model. PMM is universally applied regardless of contractor or trade. We up the ante with a few technology tricks, employing Virtual Reality Viewing on site so subs know exactly how things should be built. Framers can see the completed framing structure down to the slightest detail with the use of a smartphone and a VR viewer. It’s certainly high tech, but even more so common sense.

Q. If PMM is so great, how come you’re the only company using it?

A. That’s not quite true, as Building Information Modeling, used for larger construction projects, is a subset of PMM. We are the first to initiate PMM because we invented the process and proved that it’s cost effective and implementable for virtually every home construction or remodel in the country. It’s actually easier and faster to design in PMM versus 2D CAD, and that saves money. It’s easier to construct using PMM, and that saves money. It’s a technological leap forward in the ways that homes are designed and built… in a way that smartphones were a technological leap forward. It took a while before pretty much everyone wanted one… until they fully understood the benefits of combining a phone with a camera and a computer and a music player… but once they did. Phones as we knew them changed forever. I think though that everyone can see the writing on the wall. 3D design technology, thanks to software like SketchUp, has become affordable to every project. 30% of the human brain is devoted to processing visual information… 8% is touch, 5% is hearing. We are visual animals and PMM is first and foremost, a visual tool customized to help visual animals collaborate, cooperate, communicate, create, and construct. 

Q. So if what you’re saying is correct, is PMM going to change the homebuilding industry.

A. It has changed the way we design and build, and how we connect to our clients. It’s not a marginal improvement to the design and build process. It’s a leap forward for everyone who works in this industry. Especially for clients who have long wondered, am I going to get the house I want?

Truly one of the most remarkable settings in Colorado, this lot sunbathes by the lake while enjoying sweeping views of the Ten Mile Range and the Breckenridge Ski Area. The original structure was completed in 1983. This model will tackle the dated exterior, interior floor plan issues and upgrades to the bathroom and kitchen. But most significantly, we’ll open up the great room and kitchen at the back of the house to those fabulously unique Summit County mountain views. This will be a very extreme remodel of a 5226 square foot home on a truly iconic lot.

From our Design Build team:

We’re showing here a mixed-use building currently in design to be constructed in Dillon Colorado that is slated to contain medical offices and approximately 18 apartment or condominium units with underground parking. This is what a project looks like in early development stages. Through Project Management Modeling, (PMM) Trilogy creates a massing model to illustrate our ideas to the owner, stakeholders, HOAs and local government. To find out more about PMM, contact us. 

From our Client:

Trilogy Partners is building our Colorado mountain-modern house. The company was selected from several builders because of the 3-D modeling capabilities of Michael Rath. Selecting Trilogy has turned out to be an excellent choice.

The modeling has allowed us to “design” with Michael the interior of our home. We sit with Michael, the model, and let the creative juices flow. In real time we see the product of our efforts and that becomes “saved” so that we can move on to another design area or can return to the saved efforts for another look. Being able to walk through the rooms, look out the windows, see the size of the doors, etc, has been invaluable in terms of visualizing the completed look.

Trilogy has been in business for 20 years and it is apparent. The team works well together and has been tops in terms of interacting with us. They are helpful, offer suggestions, and really seem to care about the finished product…our home. If there is any lacking in ability, there is an abundance of willingness to learn, gather information, etc. We have been very pleased with the results and highly recommend the company to anyone wanting to build or remodel.

From Trilogy Partners Design Build team:

This modern marvel has some of the best views in all of Summit County of the 10 Mile and Gore Ranges. A multiple grand award winner at the 2016 Parade of Homes, bhh Partners served up the principal architecture. This home is a good example of the Trilogy Project Management Modeling (PMM) process as Trilogy constructed the entire home in the computer then used the model to complete the design, materials, and interior specifications, then construct and furnish the home. One of our all time favorites as this home perfectly marries with the site and the extraordinary views. Simplicity in interior design features keeps everything light and uncluttered on the inside. A custom 11′ water feature, uniquely angled walls, exposed steel beams and exquisite lighting cap off this 4 bed 5 bath home with an exercise room, wine closet, theater, and mid century modern feel. To insure optimal energy efficiency, this home all the exterior walls and roof were insulated with closed cell Polyurethane foam insulation. An air exchange system supplies fresh air to dramatically improve interior air quality in a home that is built to be incredibly “tight and efficient.” 

2016 Parade of Homes Winner Best Exterior Design and Elevation

2016 Parade of Homes Winner Best Kitchen

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