Design is how we connect with our clients.
The result, CreativityInventionIdeas that are unique and inspired. Our clients are the key ingredient to design potential. Their stories. Their ambitions. Their passions. It’s not about us… it’s not about trends or fads or… anything else but the client. Trilogy Partner’s revolutionary Project Management Modeling (PMM) is specifically designed to put our clients in the driver’s seat though the design process.

The Design Process

For nearly two decades we’ve been students of design and construction.

We’ve designed and built dozens of homes across the nation. And extreme remodeled many more. Invested tens of millions of dollars in our own projects. All the while, thinking, there must be a way to harness emerging technology that would make the design and build process more efficient. Because we hate waste. More client centric. Because we love connecting with our clients. And love stellar, original design. For that very reason, we invented PMM.

Imagine an innovate design process that incrementally constructs an extraordinarily detailed virtual design model as a routine product of the design process.

The model is accessible to the entire team. And most importantly, to the client, through online “cloud” technology. Imagine the model as so exact and specific, that the team can literally give the home or design element, or structure, a comprehensive “test drive”. Sit in the great room and take in the view. Before construction starts.

“It was while standing in a gallery in Hanoi one day last year that I learned to appreciate the true power of Trilogy's 3D modeling technology”
- Lawrence Kim, Client

Imagine a virtual model that is so complete and easy to understand that it makes any house, no matter how complicated, simple to comprehendmodifyimprove and enhance.

A model that looks so real that it must be very expensive. But because it actually lowers project costs and enhances design and value, isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. Simple common sense.

A good design process leads to better design. It paves the way to a successful construction process. Virtual Design is the best way to achieve world class results every time.

Imagine a process our clients universally describe as fun. One that brings architects, engineers, interior designers into a collaborative, respectful space that caters to the client.

The model travels well. On a smartphone, tablet, laptop. Imagine.
Be creative. Show friends and family.

Imagine a process that turns that model into a virtual showroom so that shopping for just the right finishes and fixtures is a breeze. No more brick and mortar torture from one show room to another.

We invented it, perfected it, and now it’s available to all of our clients. It is design, redesigned for the future. Leveraging software technology so easy to use, children are learning the basics in grade school. Simple to use, but with extraordinary potential in a professional environment.

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