Design + Build + Project Management Modeling

At Trilogy Partners we understand that a dream is specific to the individual. It is inspired by where you came from, what your ambitions are and with whom you are sharing your dream. Our job is to identify that dream and give it life. You are an integral part of this process and we work together through every step of design and construction to ensure that your dream home meets and exceeds your expectation.

After nearly two decades in this industry, our Design + Build process has evolved to embrace the latest 3D Virtual and Collaboration Technologies. We have always been big fans of Design + Build, but with Project Management Modeling, the “standard model” that stages the process of designing and building a home, dividing workflow by task and discipline, rendering paper 2D design drawings, becomes obsolete. Architectural, Engineering, Interior Design, and Construction don’t mesh seamlessly unless a project management process exists to make sure the workflow is a collaboration. PMM works because it is superior Project Management.

How Design + Build works using Project Management Modeling

  1. Identify the scope of work
    • New construction or remodel, budget, square footage, specific features that are important to you.
  2. Assemble the team
    • Because PMM Design Build is a collaborative process, we bring the team together at the beginning.
    • The team consists of the Client or Stakeholder, a PMM Manager (often the General Contractor) Architects, Builders, Engineers, and Interior Designers. 
  3. Develop concept
    • This stage describes the scope of work and starts to build upon what your vision is identifying the style and features of your home. This is when Project Management Modeling begins. Maybe a few simple sketches, then we move to the computer and start to model the site, and then concept forms and shapes on the site.
  4. Design phase
    • Our modeling is the basis for stamped architectural and engineering drawing required by most towns, counties, and home owner associations. During the design phase our clients play an integral role in the design and layout of their home through the PMM process. Design is an open and collaborative, gratifying client centric process. Design is intriguing, exciting, interactive, and fun.
  5. Budget
    • Our process puts and end to the inaccuracies that cause most projects to go over budget resulting in a loss of trust, and even legal issues. Through PMM we can create a realistic budget based own a fully detailed PMM model that is the most efficient cost estimating tool available. PMM saves the client money by creating incredible efficiency both during the design process and construction.
  6. Construction phase 
    • Design is complete when the PMM model is locked. Now, we build. See your 3D PMM model come to life. You stay updated with daily photos and site notes, bi-weekly budget updates and draws and an open line of communication to your Trilogy team.