How we work:

Have a seat with your own dedicated design team. Let your imagination fly while our designers bring your ideas to life. Create your dream space all with the comfort of knowing this project is within your set budget.

With Trilogy Partners you are continually kept in the loop and in control of your budget and your money. Our Project Management Modeling (PMM) model is the most advanced estimating tool available. PMM dramatically reduces the need for change orders and costly delays. Our transparent budgeting and draw process sends clients bi-weekly emails that detail where the project budget is up to that very day. The email details any line item that is over or under budget and lists why. All the financial information for the project is conveniently available to the client in a dedicated, online “cloud space.”

PMM speeds up the design process and lowers design costs by consolidating design tasks and by introducing concurrent Architectural, Engineering, and Interior Design Development.

During the Design Phase the client will participate as a member of the design team as part of an exhilarating PMM Process which employs multiple real time design development sessions in the Virtual model. This insures that the client will know EXACTLY what the final structure will look like. 

PMM allows for a smooth construction workflow. Beginning with subcontractor contracts, the Model is the perfect reference sheet for any subcontractor, and becomes a part of the subcontractor contract and an attachment. 

Count on PMM to provide a better than expected construction result at a predictable cost.