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Creative Renewable Design


Green has been a buzzword in design for at least 25 years (I am going off of my Earth Day 1992 tote bag that was just unearthed from my parents home). What are some creative ways that you can use renewable materials in your home design? Smart light bulbs, eco-mattresses, and a Tesla Powerwall that […]

Just How Useful is Reclaimed Timber?


Did you know that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims about 40 to 50 percent of wood from demolished buildings can be reused in new construction? While in the past there were limited ways to recycle wood in the United States, it’s becoming a more common practice because there are so many ways recycled wood can […]

Quartzite vs Quartz…..what is the difference?


Quartzite vs. Quartz: What’s the Difference? by Marie Flanagan Reposted from Houzz The subtle differences between quartzite and quartz seem to befuddle everyone from design-savvy clients to industry experts. Some people even use the names interchangeably, which is a huge mistake because it only adds to the confusion. Each material has its pros and cons, […]

Pretty in Pink


We are feeling the love this February and were inspired to share these “decorating with pink” design tips from Houzz‘s Lisa Baston Goldberg…. Pink is a bold choice when it comes to design, and it’s not for everyone. But for the color lovers among us, going with a powerful pink-inspired palette may be just what […]

Trilogy’s Holiday Tips: Turn Your Mantel Into a Holiday Masterpiece


  A mantle can be the centerpiece of your holiday decorations and a chance to showcase traditional holiday decorations, or customize it to show off your own personal style. Use these tips to create a mantel masterpiece for the holidays: Sometimes, a subtle touch is better than something that stands out. Consider using a combination […]

Five Simple Holiday Decorating Tips


Five Simple Holiday Decorating Tips In many ways, for many people, decorating for the holidays and Christmas can feel like embarking upon a home improvement project. Many people “go all out” when it comes to preparing for the holiday season, including Christmas. You may fall within the category of folks. The reality is that you do not […]

Five Things a Home Audio System Does to Enhance the Value of Your Residence


Five Things a Home Audio System Does to Enhance the Value of Your Residence By: Jessica Kane When a person begins planning a home redecorating project, a great deal of the focus is on how the residence will look when the endeavor is over. The reality is that people have more than the sense of sight. […]

Doors, a forgotten design element


  MELISSA RAYWORTH, For The Associated Press | It’s a design opportunity that’s easily missed: Even the most stylishly decorated rooms often have bland wooden doors with cheap hardware.High-end designers have always made doors a priority, says Brian Patrick Flynn, an interior designer and founder of FlynnsideOut. “If you look at any Fifth Avenue apartment” […]

Preparing Your High Country Home For Winter


by Leo Wolfson| brought to you by Breckenridge Building Center Fall is a time of transition and preparation in the High Country. As the leaves change color so turn the thoughts of Summit County residents to the winter (for better or worse) and six months of snowfall to come. This arctic onslaught is tough on […]

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