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How to help Hurricane Harvey Victims


Sitting in the mountains of Colorado watching skies grow light as the sun starts to rise over the Continental Divide, our hearts and thoughts are with those in Texas and Louisiana. It is easy to feel helpless during dire times but there are things that we can all do to help from anywhere in the […]

Project Management Modeling from a Client’s Perspective (video)


SketchUp is the cornerstone of our Project Management Modeling process. When they learned about what we were doing up here in Summit County, they came up with some cameras to see for themselves what this PMM thing was all about. One of the best ways to understand what it is like to intimately know your […]

My Floor is Greener Than Yours!


Written by John-David Hutchison An environmentally friendly building product should cover three essential elements to make it green: Where does it come from? – Is it a readily renewable resource? Is it local? Does it have a high percentage of recycled content? How is it made? – What are the ingredients in the manufacturing process? Is there […]

Trilogy’s Green Building Techniques: Active Daylighting


If you’ve decided to build a new home, then one of the things you should consider is the environment around you. To reduce your environmental footprint, think about incorporating some green building ideas, such as active daylighting, into your home design. Active daylighting occurs when a mechanical device collects sunlight in order to increase the […]

Pantone Color of 2017: Greenery


By: Emily Wallace   Every year, Pantone chooses a color for people to focus on and to bring to light in their everyday lives. The 2017 Pantone color of the year is greenery; a symbol of new beginnings. The fresh and fun shade gives light to previously dull and boring aspects. Green is essentially the […]

Interior Designer Quotes on Great Design


Architectural Digest reached out to Interior Designers for thoughts on great design for every style. Trilogy Partners’ Interior Design is driven by the client. You can see in our portfolio that each home is as unique as the owner. These quotes represent our design philosophy of allowing the space and the people who occupy it […]

Why Does Our Industry Need Change?


Do you still use a rotary phone or have you upgraded to a smartphone? Do you use a map while driving or GPS? These may seem like funny questions as it may seem silly to continue using obsolete technologies for reasons other than nostalgia. Why is the design and construction industry still using 2D drawings […]

What is the difference between BIM & Trilogy’s PMM (Project Management Modeling) Process


Building Information Modeling and Project Management Modeling might be viewed as the same thing, heck they sound kind of similar, right? They have similarities, sure but to put it simply, the main difference between the two is that BIM is for the big guys doing huge multi-million dollar projects, and PMM is BIM plus project management for the […]

Top 3 Reasons You Should Consider a Designers Help For Your Next Project


There is an unfortunate misconception amongst homeowners that a professional designer isn’t necessary. That it is a luxury most people can’t afford. This is simply not true – in fact, a professional designer can help you to avoid making costly mistakes, and thereby actually save you money! The Top 3 reasons why you should consider hiring a professional […]

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