Need a Home Loan? Try Costco.

Attention future homeowners, now you can potentially set up your home loan at your neighborhood Costco. That’s right, not only will you be able to buy household products in bulk, but you’ll be able to buy a  house to go along with it. Talk about the one-stop-shop.

Photo via CNN Money

Costco has partnered with 11 lenders to offer their members mortgages. Costco already offers their members life insurance, car insurance and boat loans. According to CNN Money, “Much like LendingTree, the site gathers quotes from various lenders. However, there is one key difference. Under the Costco program, the borrower’s identity is revealed only after they officially select the lender, said John Alexander, business development director at First Choice.”

Would you go to Costco for a home loan? Do you think it is a good idea on their part?


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