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Considerations from Trilogy for Decorating in an Eco-Friendly Style

Designing and decorating a new home requires careful consideration of not only the materials to be used, but their environmental impact as well. To that end, eco-friendly decorating is a specialty we’ve honed to ensure our client’s mountain homes have as little impact on the Rockies as possible. One of our favorite services is to […]


Trilogy Examines Home Automation and Energy Efficiency

One of the features that many homeowners are beginning to implement when they plan their custom home designs is home automation. Planning your home for home automation will not only help make your home more convenient, it will also help make your home more energy efficient as well. There are a lot of ways in […]


Trilogy Spotlight: Incredibly Energy-Efficient Homes

When designing a custom home, you should strongly consider making it as energy efficient as possible in order to not only reduce your environmental footprint as much as you can, but to save a substantial amount of energy costs over the long term. The following are three examples of energy-efficient homes that we hope will […]

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Trilogy Wants You to Know: Green Building Permits and Codes

Different communities have different building codes. These building codes are meant to ensure the safety of the homeowner. There are also green building codes that you will have to abide by in different communities that are meant to help protect the environment that the community is located in. Communities all over the country deal with […]


Trilogy Wants to Know How Your Community Stacks Up

The term “green” building is something that is generally associated with environmentally friendly building practices. Many people define it as a concept for making a home less harmful to the environment and more sensitive to the space around it. There are hundreds of different ways that you can do this when building or renovating a […]


Trilogy Believes in Stylish Responsibility

We believe in making sure that your home is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, but don’t be mistaken into thinking that this means that you can’t add a bit of style to your interior design. Adding style and sustainability is something that is called stylish responsibility, something that is beginning to catch on […]


Trilogy Spotlight: Picking Eco-Friendly Materials for Tile

Tile is a great material to use throughout your home, whether it’s flooring or walls in the bathroom or the backsplash in your kitchen. The durability and resistance of tile makes it perfect for these two spaces, and the flexibility in design makes it easy to incorporate into any style. The following are a few […]


Trilogy Can Help You Achieve Your Green Housing Goals

Here at Trilogy, we focus on designing eco-friendly buildings. If you are interested in designing an environmentally-friendly custom home design, then we suggest checking out some of the following green building ideas for inspiration: Sustainable flooring – The use of cork or bamboo are both sustainable options that provide the same kind of durability and […]


Some Brilliant Home Greening Projects from Trilogy

If you’re trying to make your home more environmentally friendly, then there are plenty of smaller home green projects that you can do. You don’t necessarily have to build a LEED-certified home to go greener, after all. The following are some of the green home projects you might want to consider: Install another window – […]

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Trilogy Wants Your Home Office to Work Better for You

When it comes to setting up a home office, many people will just throw up a desk wherever they have space and call it a day. However, the design of a home office is important, especially if you use it frequently. A poor design makes it difficult to work, after all. The following are a […]