Vidal Sassoon Drew Inspiration from Architecture

The man who changed the way we do hair, Vidal Sassoon, passed away yesterday at the age of 84. Sassoon, who gave Mia Farrow her signature look for “Rosemary’s Baby”, credited the Bauhaus movement for his “geometric style.”

“My whole work, beginning in the late 1950s, came from the Bauhaus,” explains Vidal. “It was all about studying the bone structure of the face, to bring out the character. I hated the prettiness that was in fashion at that time.

Sassoon told Architectural Digest that “Architects have always been my heroes.” His Richard Neutra house in Bel Air was featured in the magazine last spring.

Photo via Architectural Digest


Photo via Architectural Digest


Photo via Architectural Digest

To see more of Vidal Sassoon’s home visit



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