Unparalleled Sustainable High-End Bathrooms by Trilogy

Our clients have always requested more durable and aesthetically pleasing bathroom design as they build or renovate their Colorado homes in the past. But now, more and more people — including Trilogy Partners — want sustainable, eco-friendly and energy-efficient bathroom areas in addition to a visually appealing space.

We want to work with our environment while saving money, and there are several ways to achieve this sustainable bathroom design:High-end bathroom

  • Multi-spray showers are so wasteful they are banned by the DOE (Department of Energy). For your shower, choose low-flow fixtures.
  • Eliminate your bath tub to save water and space. But if a luxurious soak is one of your greatest pleasures, remember, less is more. Smaller, not spa-sized tubs are trending.
  • Older toilets can use as much as 5 gallons of water per flush! Install water-saving toilets for your bathroom.
  • As you design your new bathroom, choose natural materials. Other considerations include recycled material tile or post-consumer glass tiles. Avoid carpeting or hardwood flooring in your bath; waterproof materials and good sealing will save you repair costs 20 years from now.

We are designing and building now with consideration for the future. By specializing in sustainable/green design and materials, your home will have beauty today and energy savings for life.

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

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