Trilogy’s Tips: How to Design Your Interior to Match Nature

If you’re a nature lover, chances are that you often look for ways to imbue your interior design with flourishes of the outdoors. And that means more than snipping a bloom from your backyard and putting it in a colorful glass.

For starters, don’t overlook the influence of paint, especially green in hues of olive, lime, or emerald. Even without a full wall to spare, you can create a fetching outdoor scene by painting the back wall of a cabinet and decorating the shelves with potted flowers, shells, or garden instruments. Thematic pieces will speak volumes about your interests and personality.

But don’t stop there. Consider dotting your indoor landscape with:

  • Floral prints on throw pillows that can be tossed as easily on couches and chairs as the floor.

  • Tabletop displays of thick, lush leaves tucked inside cylindrical vases.

  • Framed botanical prints surrounded by pieces that mimic the background of the prints. For example, if a favored bird print features white lilies in the background, arrange a vase of faux lilies next to the print for undeniable visual interest.

For assistance in integrating the soothing influence of nature in your interior design, call Trilogy Partners, Colorado’s premier custom design company.

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