Trilogy’s Tips for Creating a Greener, More Eco-Friendly Driveway

Being eco-friendly is getting easier every day as green experts come up with new ways to be green. One important way to go green is the green driveway.

How does it work?

You may be wondering how a driveway can be green, but if you have a concrete or asphalt driveway then much of the rainfall you get will run through your driveway, picking up pollutants. This water makes its way back into rivers and other large bodies of water. A green driveway, however, will often be made of non-pollutant materials, and reduce water run-off

How do I make it happen?

The best way to incorporate green ideas into your driveway is to use a sustainable drainage system, or SuDS. Here are a couple ways to do that.

  • Open-cell pavers. These are lattices of concrete. Grass is planted in the holes of the lattice. Multiple layers of clean stone go under the pavers in order to support vehicles.
  • Gravel. Gravel is often a good solution as well, though it requires a plastic underlay to maximize ground absorption.

Have questions about how to incorporate green ideas into your driveway? Get in touch with us online.

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