Trilogy’s Favorites: Passive Designs Result in Zero Energy Homes


Source: Trilogy Partners

One of the top trends in green home design is the concept of passive design when planning a new home build as more homeowners embrace are leaning toward zero energy homes. Instead of trying to add energy-saving features after the home is built, the process begins from the ground up, by incorporating simple features directly into the home’s architecture.

Passive design can be considered simple design as it removes the complexity surrounding the most basic features found in all buildings including windows. The placement of windows facing toward the south is extremely crucial in the design, therefore this needs to be considered during site selection. This element allows the Colorado homeowner to take advantage of the sun’s energy to help reduce heating bills during the cold winter months, and provide natural light throughout the year.

There is an increased focus on making sure that structure doesn’t allow drafts to penetrate and lessen this warming effect. This is accomplished by making the home airtight and often by utilizing landscape elements such as trees or shrubs to act as windbreaks. By incorporating several elements of passive design into your green home design, you can reduce your energy bills for years to come.

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