Trilogy Tips: Green Building For Your Home or Office

Green architecture is no trend – it’s here to stay. The benefits of green building are too many to count, from the long-term savings to the environmental benefits. The following are a few green building tips for your home and office:

  • The Home – Consider designing a zero energy home. A zero energy home is a home that produces as much energy as it consumes. This means creating a thermal envelope using thick walls, high-quality insulation and energy efficient windows and doors that will keep heat and cool air trapped inside and prevent outdoor air from leaking in. If you’re looking to renovate an existing home, have the energy efficiency of the house tested with blower door tests and infrared camera scans.
  • The Office – There are a lot of green classifications out there for office buildings, but one we recommend is the Living Building Challenge. Its requirements include that the building can’t contribute waste to the environment, that it generates all its own energy, that all materials be locally sourced, and more.

Be sure to keep these green building tips in mind when designing a home or office. Contact us at Trilogy Builds for additional green building advice.

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