Trilogy Shows: How Do Passive Homes Work?

When designing a new home you should strive to create a passive house. A passive house is basically a home that is incredibly energy efficient, thereby helping you to reduce your environmental footprint as well as save up to 90 percent of your space heating costs.

Passive homes are houses that are insulated extremely well and practically air-tight. They are primarily heated through passive solar gain in addition to internal gains from electrical equipment and people, thereby helping to minimize the loss of energy. Whatever additional heat demand exists is provided through a very small source.

The layout of the home, such as the window orientation and the shading of the building, also helps to limit the home’s cooling load. Not to mention that passive homes also contain energy recovery ventilators to provide a balanced and constant fresh air supply. Other features of a passive home include triple-glazed high performance windows and high quality insulation.

To save as much energy as possible and to make sure your home is as efficient as possible, you should consider designing your home with a passive home system in mind. Be sure to contact us at Trilogy Builds for additional information and advice.

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