Trilogy Shares Insights for Building Eco-Friendly Homes

Green home design is the future. Using recycled and sustainable materials, solar panels, energy conserving products and appliances are all components of green living.

An eco-friendly home begins with its position on the lot. In Colorado, the home should sit on an east-west axis whenever possible. Large windows should face south to bring in more light while northern windows can be smaller to keep out the cold.

eco friendly homes

Source: Trilogy Partners’ Portfolio

Rooms should be designed to receive as much natural light as possible. A great mountain view will probably determine the room and window placement for a new home in the Rockies. Roofs can have skylights and allow for snow and water run-off that is collected and used for gray water. A roof can also be designed to support a garden with grass and shrubs for natural insulation.

Solar panels are added on the roof side that receives the most sunlight. A new green designed home can use a combination of municipal power and solar energy with the emphasis on energy independence.

Trilogy Partners is rapidly gaining a reputation in Colorado as a leading builder of sustainable, eco-friendly homes, so contact us today about your home construction dreams.

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