Trilogy Shares All the Info on Choosing Doors That Last


Source: Trilogy Partners

No door is permanent, but some doors last longer than others. In general, longer-lasting doors are made of better materials, while also fitting into their surroundings in a harmonious manner. When choosing the perfect door for your home, consider the following:

  • Instead of focusing on short-term savings, homeowners should prioritize long-term consequences. As a result, it’s better to install doors made of better and longer-lasting materials because the costs for multiple replacements add up over time. Furthermore, for homeowners interested in helping the environment, a longer-lasting door is much friendlier than one in constant need of repair or replacement.
  • Consider the dimensions of the door because failing to do so can result in expensive and time-consuming modifications to accommodate the room’s needs. For example, if a room is going to be carpeted, then the door might need to be shortened to accommodate the carpet.
  • Similarly, doors will affect the space around them. Double half-doors make convenient installations in cramped spaces such as hallways where opening a single full-sized door might open up into the walkway. Pocket doors and sliding barn doors can also help conserve space.

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