Trilogy Presents: The Latest in Home Building Trends

If you’re struggling to decide on what direction to take with your home design, then we suggest taking a look at some of the current home building trends for inspiration. The following are just a few of the home building trends worth checking out:

  • Clean lines and open spaces – Homes are being designed in more contemporary styles, which includes the use of cleaner lines and open spaces, which is accomplished by eliminating smaller rooms and using less hallways. Porcelain tiles are also a great option for achieving a wood look.
  • Natural look – Engineered woods that boast lighter, more natural finishes are currently growing in popularity, as are grey, white and washed-wood finishes. Engineered woods allow you to achieve a more exotic aesthetic.
  • Green buildingGreen building will continue to grow as more homeowners look to reduce their environmental footprint and take advantage of the savings involved, including tax credits and lower utility bills. Examples include the use of triple-glazed windows, home automation and LED lighting.  
  • Virtual Design and Modeling – The technology now exists to enable a home to be modeled in 3D CAD where homes are perfected and “test driven” before construction. Trilogy Partners is pioneering this strategy with it’s Project Management Modeling. 

Consider some of these home building trends when designing your new house. For more information about implementing these home building trends, be sure to contact us online at Trilogy Partners today.

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