Tough Trilogy Decisions: Dark or Light Wood

image via Flickr

image via Flickr

Wood is an amazing, versatile, natural element that produces a variety of effects. Each type of wood offers its own unique grain and characteristics when stained. Your choice in colors used on your wood features can be just as important a decision as the type of wood itself.
Here are some basic tips to keep in mind as you make your decision:
LightLight colored woods and stains will often add the element of an open space, making it perfect for areas that you desire a large amount of wood surfaces. With a high gloss it also provides a reflective surface to bring more natural lighting into the room. Blending light wood with dark surfaces makes the ultimate dramatic contrast for your home.
Dark – Dark woods and stains provide a sleek and modern appeal. It is often associated with a masculine, powerful, and modern impression. Too much of dark woods in a location can be overwhelming it should therefore be used with caution.

Your Colorado architecture selections can be made much simpler with the assistance of our professionals. At Trilogy Partners we thrive in unique structures that incorporate sustainable and natural elements.


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