Timeless Trilogy Kitchens

Your home is most likely the greatest investment and asset you have, and as you build or remodel your kitchen, we will encourage you to make choices that will work well for you 10, 20 or even 30 years from now. Katrine Ames of This Old House magazine says to avoid “dating” your kitchen, consider a standard square layout, classic white cabinetry and neutral stone countertops for timeless form and function.Timeless Trilogy Kitchens

Older homes’ kitchens often have poor traffic circulation design and inefficient workspace, so when we work with a client to redesign and remodel a kitchen area, we examine what they and their family need now and years later.

This Old House remodeled a 1940 one-story weekend house that needed more space overall. The architect’s challenge was to design a kitchen they would “still love in 30 years.” Uncomplicated lines and utilitarian workspace was the client’s choice. The kitchen area was enlarged by eliminating a ground-floor guest bedroom. An island was added as well as a breakfast nook. The well-organized white cabinets were designed to hold specific-sized dry food storage containers.

Beauty, durability . . . Trilogy Partners professionals take kitchen design from cramped to comfortable, using sustainable, ageless design and materials.

Photo Source: This Old House

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