The Energy Efficient Features of the 2013 New American Home

The New American Home for 2013 embraces a new face in energy efficiency trends. The green home features methods that can be adapted into any home or business budget, such as:

  • Green Building Materials –The demand for sustainable, environmentally-friendly buildings are on the rise. The home includes green floor coverings, certified lumber, recycled content concrete, efficient plumbing and lighting fixtures.
  • Energy Star Products – A trustworthy indicator for consumers in need of environmentally-friendly and efficient electronics, appliances and heating/cooling systems that are EPA certified.
  • Solar Energy – Solar systems for heating water or space continue to become more technologically advanced.
  • Wind Energy – Energy from the wind is converted into a useful form for home and business.  An upsurge has been experienced in the field of wind energy.
  • Geothermal Energy –Tapping into constantly replenished thermal energy stored within the earth is growing in popularity with sustainable architectural design.
  • Eco-friendly Landscaping  Select drought tolerant or energy enhancing plant material to complement any home or business.

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