Surprising Materials Trilogy Can Use to Build Green Homes

If you’re planning a green home design, then odds are you have some idea about a few of the green home building materials that you can use. However, there are a few surprising materials out there that we can incorporate  for a green home design. Here are a few of those materials:

  • Tires and other trash – Believe it or not, you can use tires, cans, old appliance parts, and more to build your interior walls as well as your roof.
  • Straw bales – Straw bales are a fantastic option for insulating your home, whether you’re planning a standard wood-framed house or a steel-framed one. When stacked above one another, they’re even strong enough to be load-bearing.
  • Shipping containers – You won’t believe how many shipping containers are being used everyday around the world. There are plenty of empty ones that just sit around. And guess what? They are a fantastic building material as they are fireproof, waterproof, durable and insulated!

These are just a few of the materials that you may not have realized can be used for your green home project. Find out more by contacting us at Trilogy Builds today.

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