Our Favorite Posts of 2012

It is nearing the end of the year, a year that we at Trilogy Partners feel was a successful year for not only us, but for our clients as well. As a reminder of that success, we want to share our favorite blogs of 2012 with you:

Photo via the LA Times

  • Mad Men – The immense popularity of what was one of the most popular shows in the last few years influenced this post about a home completely inspired by the many mid-century style apartments showcased in the series.
  • The Perfect Entrance – A fantastic post about creating a lasting impression the moment you set foot through the entrance of a home.
  • A Sustainable Olympics– A very informing article about the London Olympics and what sustainable building practices they used in preparing for the summer games.
  • iPhone Apps – There’s nothing more pleasing than fooling around with new iPhone apps, and this post details five apps that help with home design.

As the saying goes, we should learn from the past, so why not peruse through some of our best blog posts for additional luxury homes design knowledge? Be sure to share your favorite post of last year with us as well!

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