Form Follows Fashion

Couture fashion today is seen as very structured, so it isn’t surprising to find some designs that look like they have been plucked right from the sketches of some of our more well-known architects.  Architizer takes a look at architecture and fashion in their interview with StyleMusée.

Photo via Architizer

Architizer: What were you looking for when you curated the first editorial, Architectural Interpretations?

Karen Moon, co-founder of StyleMusée: I think of architecture as a form of art, and the intersection between art and fashion is an important theme in the DNA of our company and our mission. Fashion is an art, and I want to help style artisans visually tell their stories so that others can discover them. It’s embodied in our branding as well has artistic references: musée means ’museum’ in French, and also stands for ‘muse,’ the main call to action on the site: saving the things that inspire you.

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