Drought-Resistant Plants Make Sense

With much of the nation experiencing a drought, it is a good long-term investment to plant drought-resistant plants. There is more information and more options available than ever before. Here are some beautiful and hearty plants that don’t require a lot of water.

Image via Better Homes and Gardens

Image via Better Homes and Gardens


  • Sugar Maple. A Colorado NBC affiliate states that the sugar maple is both colorful and drought-tolerant. It also looks great year ’round!
  • Succulents. Perhaps the best known of drought-tolerant plants, succulents require very little water. Their waxy leaves also make for an interesting contrast when juxtaposed with other types of plantings. According to an article in The Denver Post, echevaria are popular in Colorado.


The most important thing is that a drought-tolerant plant is appropriate for its site. If you are looking for a custom home built by an architect who respects the landscape, consider Trilogy Partners.


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