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Confused About Going Green? Trilogy Breaks It All Down For You

Here are some tips for anyone who's interested in going green. Source: morgueFile

Here are some tips for anyone who’s interested in going green. Source: morgueFile

You’ve probably heard about the phrase “going green” on more than a few occasions. While the concept is noble – going green refers to reducing your environmental footprint – the phrase itself has become something of a buzzword. The following are a few tips about going green that you should be aware of:

  • Do your research – Don’t just buy into a product or service because they advertise it as being “green.” This word can be very misleading. For example, one product may be more eco-friendly than another, but that doesn’t make it eco-friendly in itself.
  • Think about the future – In addition to how green the product or service is in the present, consider its future. Can it be reused or recycled? How long will it last? These are factors of being green as well.
  • Is it local? – Materials that aren’t locally produced aren’t going to be very green because of what’s required to transport them to you. Look for products that use local materials to cut down on fuel use.

These are a few things to keep in mind when going green. For more tips about going green, be sure to contact us at Trilogy Partners today.

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