We have heard a lot about “woman-centric” builders in the last couple of months. The industry is trying to tap into the minds of female buyers in hopes of getting them to open up their purse strings. Even CNBC and The Wall Street Journal have both written articles about the surge of builders targeting the female market. According to Business Week, women make 83% of all consumer purchases.

Some of the features you would find in a “woman-centric” home include more flexible and spacious living areas, larger storage space (including walk-in closets and pantries) and custom details like crown molding and granite countertops. And of course, my personal favorite, sound proof walls to drown out the laundry machines.

Are these features “woman-centric” or something that you would find in any custom-built home today? And if female buyers are looking for these types of design features, what are the males looking for?

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