A lot of things need to be considered when planning out your home design. For example, what building materials do you want to use? If you’re looking to add both warmth and texture to your home design, then we highly recommend the use of stone.


Source: Trilogy Builds

Stone can be used in so many different ways throughout your home design, whether you simply want to use it as an accent for the front of your home or if you want to use it as the main building material for your house. The great thing about stone, besides its beautiful aesthetic, is the fact that it is a sustainable and natural material. Stone will last as well and won’t be prone to some of the issues that other materials such as wood are prone to, such as rot or termites.

Stone doesn’t necessarily have to be used for your walls either. Stone can be used indoors for your floors, your countertops or even for your fireplace surround. It doesn’t necessarily have to be used in the structure of your home either – for example, you could use gravel for your driveway.

Consider using stone and contact us at Trilogy Builds for additional advice.

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