If you’re renovating the home, you have a lot of building material options available for use. Consider the following materials to add a beautiful, unique look to your dream home:

  • Limestone can make your home’s walls stand out. By texturing the limestone, you will be able to accentuate the shadows, giving your wall a dramatic effect. This texturing will visually soften the hard material, giving your home an elegant, inviting look.
  • If you are looking to style up the shelves in your home, you can use a patinated aluminum material that features a spiderweb pattern. This will give your shelves a bold look, making it enjoyable every time you go to grab your socks or clothes. To vary the spider web patterns, the horizontal pieces can be flipped.
  • For a truly bold look, you can combine different materials together, such as round glass tiles, terrazzo and wood slats. The contrast can add a lot of intrigue.

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A natural looking home doesn’t have to be a log cabin or a traditional space. In fact, incorporating natural elements into your more contemporary home is relatively easy and can create a wonderful contrast to the structured look of most modern home designs. Use these tips from Trilogy Partners to help you add a bit of nature to your space:

Exposed beams bring nature indoors

Source: Trilogy Partners

  • Use natural wood beams and supports in your home without painting or staining them. The texture of natural wood can make a stunning addition to a modern home, especially when incorporating repeating horizontal lines.
  • Blend neutral colors into your design and look for décor that incorporates natural elements like untreated leather. These subtle pieces of décor can make your space feel refined and still full of nature.
  • Skip the window treatments, especially if you have a lot of windows or floor to ceiling glass. If you can’t skip the window treatments altogether for privacy reasons, choose a type that won’t take up a lot of visual space when they are drawn or pulled up. Letting nature in is the best way to incorporate it into your home.

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The addition of natural materials is an excellent way to tie the interior décor of a home with its outdoor spaces and its setting. The neutral colors and textures of these materials make for a subtle but beautiful transition. Here are a few ideas to help you accomplish this goal:

using natural materials in home building

Source: Trilogy Partners’ Portfolio

  • Reclaimed Wood Floors: The repurposing of old wood into flooring is beneficial in two ways. It adds a dramatic aesthetic element to your home and also helps preserve the natural environment.
  • Natural Stone: There is a natural stone to fit any décor from traditional to contemporary. In addition, they are suitable for any room from counters in the kitchen through the fireplace in the family room to the walls and floor of the bathroom.
  • Sisal Window-Treatments: Usually seen in rugs, this natural material has gained a lot of popularity with interior designers in the last few years. It is soft, durable and available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

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