Haitian Orphanage March 31, 2010

Yes, we are back safe and sound from Haiti. During our brief stay we surveyed eight orphanages, all unique, with varying degrees of needs. Some would benefit from paint and some plumbing fixtures. Bunk beds so that kids didn’t have to sleep on the floor of a tent. Other orphanages are so ravaged by the earthquake that naked children sit in the dirt eating meager portions of rice with their hands from metal bowls. There is not one orphanage that is not deserving of our assistance but our resources are limited. These decisions are tough.

One week from today, on March 29, I’ll be headed back to Haiti with my partner in Haiti Orphan Rescue Program, Mike Mahon. We’ve spent the last months raising money for future orphanage reconstructions. We’re looking forward to seeing our good friend Pascal Bain, the director of the Melissa’s Hope Orphanage, the first HORP project completed last year. This mission will take us through the suburbs of Port Au Prince as we search for the next orphanage project and Pascal, fluent in both English and Haitian Creole, will be assisting us.

Jean Pascal Bain Director MHO

Here are before and after photos of our first Haiti orphanage project, Melissa’s Hope Orphanage.

Melissa's Hope Orphanage Before

Melissa's Hope Orphanage after

More than 500,000 children remain in orphanages and shelters after the earthquake of January 2010. Our mission at HORP and as builders is to help the orphanages directly by improving the living conditions for the children and caregivers who reside there. Here’s how to learn more about Haiti Orphan Rescue Program.

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