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At Trilogy Partners, we call ourselves a Residential Design and Build Company. But why Design and Build? Why would we want to do both? Aren’t they two completely different things? Not in our minds. And we believe by pulling all aspects of a project under one roof, we bring added benefit to each and every project. Having Design and Build the responsibility of one company brings a consistency and coordination to a project that is seldom possible when you involve separate entities to plan, design, Build, engineer, interior design, and furnish the home. Why is this true? Because all of these entities have different goals which, unfortunately, are sometimes competing goals. For instance, the architect wants to design what the client wants. Often designing a home the client cannot afford to build. Yes, it happens again and again. With Design and Build unified within a single organization, the budget is a significant part of design and budget and design evolve in tandem. The reason for this is obvious. The Design Builder has equal incentive to both design and build the home. At Trilogy, we focus on the entire project. Our sister company Colorado Building Company is focused purely on construction. So if you have already have a design and are looking for a builder, CBC is your answer.

They were a tough lot. Some with scruffy beards, one with green hair, all with tattoos. They liked to drink and chain-smoked and it seemed they all rode Harleys. These were the men that had come to erect the timber frame for our first house. They were fearless. Kneeling down they would shoulder 200 pound posts and then stand and walk up a steep ladder then out onto a narrow beam twenty feet in the air. As the snow swirled around them at the peak of the roof they’d chat while smoking cigarettes waiting for the crane to lift the next post to them so they could place it, post and beams, lifted, one by one until the skeleton of the house was revealed. Some mornings the supervisor was hung-over sick, pausing to throw up as he directed the crew. The men would argue as they worked. They were tough men and loud and angry threatening to kill one another. By the end of the day they’d be laughing, talking about women and the beer they’d drink tonight. This went on for a coupe of weeks. When they finally left, the shell of the house was complete. And we would miss their camaraderie and expertise as we forged ahead with the construction, alone, just two brothers building their first house.

Frame Raising

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