Here at Trilogy Partners we are often asked about what other homeowners have added to their home. While your residence is specific to you, there are certain features that make it a more pleasant place to be. If you are making plans for a home remodeling, consider adding heated floors.

add in heated floors

Whether you live in cooler climes, or dislike the cold feel of your floor beneath your feet, a heated floor is an excellent option to remedy this problem. The bathroom is often the most frequent location that this warming solution is used.

Stepping out of a warm shower, or tub, and on to a cold floor is a shock that no one ever enjoys. Some might say it even ruins the whole experience of the warm water. We can rid you of this issue by placing heating elements under the flooring keeping it warm for your bare feet.

The heated flooring feature has many aspects which include a timed cycle to guarantee your floor is warm when you need it to be.

Speak to our design professionals about other wonderful elements we can implement in your home to make it your own personalized retreat.

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