Source: via Trilogy Partners

Source: via Trilogy Partners

LEED homes have come a long way in recent years as a number of significant changes have been made. The trends in green home design have seen a lot of progress, transforming into what you see before you today. What are these changes though, and how can they best benefit you?

  • The great thing about LEED homes is that they are far more realistic in their goals, whilst allowing you to achieve your ideal vision.
  • Sustainable treatments are the main methods used during their construction, meaning that they’re more innovative, as well as cheaper too.
  • A quality LEED home will contribute to its surrounding environment as they each give something back. This could be either a rural landscape, or even the architecture of an urban setting.
  • LEED homes should be set in the style of their surroundings.

There’s plenty more progress expected from within this particular area of green home design. For more information, or for any other enquiries, then get in contact with an expert today to see how they can help you.

Green homes are becoming more and more popular because of the benefits brought to the homeowners. In both cost and appearance, green homes are in no sense inferior to their counterparts. In fact, green homes cost less to live in, making them the smart choice in the post-recession economy.

sustainable home design

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Here are some sustainable design ideas for your home:

  • The R-House is designed from the ground up for optimal insulation so as to reduce heating and cooling bills. It features a super-insulated exterior, matched to minimized windows and a mechanical unit that circulates air throughout the home.
  • Designed based on the same principles as the R-House, the TED House uses components and materials such as cellulose, EPS insulation, R-10 windows, and an air barrier to insulate it against its surroundings. However, it also uses design tricks such as an extended space above the kitchen to improve comfort, while allowing a degree of customization for interested consumers.
  • Resembling nothing so much as a commercial building in an urban landscape, Live/Work/Home is nonetheless based on longhouses. Its central space stretches from front to back, while sliding panels and solar tubes let in as much light as needed.

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