The green movement is no longer just a trend. More and more homeowners are concerning themselves with the design of green buildings in order to both save money and help reduce the negative impact they are having on the environment. Because of this, green building is quickly growing to the point where it will soon be the standard. The following are some green design features making an impact:

  • 100 percent renewable – There are over 700 organizations that are now relying exclusively on renewable energy in order to cover their electricity use in the country. Not only are they setting an example for businesses around the world, they are creating a reputation as companies that care about more than just the bottom line.
  • Advanced solar electric systems – Solar electric systems are becoming more complex. Before, most solar electric systems could only produce power during the daytime. Now, there are systems that can provide six hours of power even after the sun has gone down by storing solar power.

Green building design is becoming commonplace for both homes and businesses as people are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment. For more information about green building design, contact us at Trilogy Builds today.

Anyone in the process of designing a new custom home should consider making their home a green building. A green building design can go a long way in reducing your environmental footprint and as your energy bills.

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Roughly 72 percent of all of the country’s energy consumption originated from buildings back in 2006. This number will continue to rise to 75 percent by 2025. That’s a lot of energy being used! In fact, the average household spends around $2,000 every year just on energy bills, 50 percent of which goes towards heating and cooling costs. A green building design can help make the home more efficient in heating and cooling, thereby helping to reduce your energy use.

Building occupants use 13 percent of the water consumed by the country on a yearly basis, with homeowners making up 75 percent of that figure. Green home design can help to reduce the use of water by a significant amount and allow you to save on your water bills.

If everyone were to invest in a green building, it wouldn’t be surprising to see yearly water and energy consumption drop significantly. Contact us at Trilogy Builds for more information about green building.

If you are in the process of designing a home, then you should consider incorporating green building features. Not only will green building features provide you with a way to reduce your environmental footprint, you’ll be saving money on your energy bills. The following are some green building trends you should be aware of:

  • Zero-net energy – Green home building has already hit the mainstream. Now, many owners and developers are going a step further by attempting to accomplish zero net energy on an annual basis.
  • More competition against LEED – LEED certification is somewhat complex and can be costly, which has led to direct competition from other rating systems, such as Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes rating system.
  • Use of solar power will grow – The use of solar power will grow in popularity, which will lead to more third-party financing offerings to take advantage of.

These are just a few of the green building trends to be aware of. It seems as though green building is the future of home building, which means you should plan for a green building design now. For more information about green building, be sure to contact us at Trilogy Builds today.

Green building in the Colorado area has increased in popularity recently. This trend is not only a reflection of changing environmental values, but also the increase of new environmental responsible building techniques that are more affordable and convenient. This is great news for homeowners who want to “be green” and still appreciate a quality and attractive home.

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The new ecological building trends for 2014 include:

  • Solar power will more widely used for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Energy efficient building materials will become more popular, as energy costs continue to rise.
  • Green buildings will become more and more “smart”. Computer-controlled buildings will let homeowners control their homes online, making being green more convenient.
  • Zero-net buildings will become more widespread and attractive to homeowners.

If you are in the Colorado area and are ready to start making your home or business more ecological friendly and convenient, contact our green building experts from Trilogy Builds. We can help your live a green and better life at home.

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