For anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen BUT remain eco-friendy, here are a few "green" kitchen appliances that you'll want to consider.  Source: Houzz

For anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen BUT remain eco-friendly, here are a few “green” kitchen appliances that you’ll want to consider. Source: Houzz

The appliances you install in your kitchen make a huge difference in how the overall space looks. They also say a whole lot about you as a homeowner. That’s why many people are looking for eco-friendly appliances for their kitchens. If you’re building a home or upgrading your kitchen, consider these appliances for your space. They’re good for the environment and they can make your space look great. Use this guide from Trilogy Partners to help figure out which ones are right for you.

  • Consider family size when buying a refrigerator. An eco-friendly refrigerator that’s too small is going to have to work harder to cool your food when it’s packed full. Most families can use a refrigerator of about 25 cubic feet efficiently.
  • Think about a magnetic induction cooktop if you use the stove a lot. You might be used to a standard gas stove, but they aren’t quite as environmentally because of how natural gas is sourced.
  • Buy an oven that’s the appropriate size. They usually come in 24, 27 and 30-inch sizes, but if you don’t cook much, small works just fine. Convection ovens also use less energy.

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