The 2013 New American Home design is all about creating open and nature-embracing living spaces. In addition to the great energy efficiency features we’ve already discussed, the New American Home has many other interesting and inspiring features.

2013 New American Home

2013 New American Home

This year’s sits on a 0.66 acre lot south of Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada. It’s four levels and 6,721 square feet, containing an impressive 3 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, enclosed and open-air basements, a home theater, a library and a home office.

The designers kept the huge home feeling comfortable by weaving aspects of nature into almost every living space. From canals of water running through the house to the open air foyer to the zero-edge pools which line the sunken outdoor living area, there are relaxing sights and sounds of nature everywhere.

The New American Home design is complex, creating a home with so many visible layered spaces defined by more natural objects than walls was difficult. But, it’s been done in Henderson in a cleaver and breath-taking way, and it can be done in the Breckenridge area as well.

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Source: Builder Magazine

We love the photos coming out of the 2010 Showtime House benefiting Harlem Children’s Zone. This “multimedia showhouse” features the work of fourteen designers spread over three penthouses in New York City’s Cassa Hotel and Residences. Based on seven Showtime original series these rooms are open to the public on Saturdays from 11am to 5pm through October 23rd.

The Big C: Clarity Lounge by Francesa Bucci & Hans Galutera, BG Studio International

The Big C Contemplation room by Francesa Bucci & Hans Galutera, BG Studio International. Furniture from Giorgetti

The Borgias: Keith Baltimore, Baltimore Design Group

NURSE JACKIE: Design: Laura Bohn, Laura Bohn Design Associates • Custom bed: K. Flam

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