Daniel Libeskind is a very polarizing figure in architecture. You either love his work or you hate it. His designs for the Freedom Towers at Ground Zero and the Denver Art Museum have caused quite a stir amongst critics. So when I came across an interesting clip on TED, a site dedicating to sharing interesting news in the field of Technology, Entertainment, Design my interests were peaked. During the 18 minute clip Libeskind describes his 17 words of architectural inspiration.

They are as follows, and in no specific order:

Unexpected, risky, memorable, communicative, optimism, raw, hand, inexplicable, expressive, space, pointed, real, democratic, emotional, complex, political and radical.

What do you think?

Daniel Libeskind

Renowned architect Daniel Libeskind has stepped into the prefab arena with the launch of his “Libeskind Villa” in Germany.  Prefabrication, the assembly of buildings off site, has typically been associated with mass production, yet there will be only 30 of these homes built.

Libeskind’s villas are taking prefab to a whole new level.  Marketed more towards the high end, these homes are equipped with games rooms, wine cellars and even a sauna.

Take a look at the “Libeskind Villa” below.

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