At Trilogy, we’ve been designing and building homes for 15 years. If experience has taught us anything, we’ve learned that the tighter the integration between design, budgeting, and construction, the better the results for our client, our subcontractors, and for us.

This year we took a giant leap forward to achieve a more perfect Design and Build process. As part of the design process, we are modeling in three dimension all project down to the slightest nuance and detail. Right down to the actual sink, the granite.

What’s different about Trilogy’s modeling process? For one, our clients our integral to the modeling and design. Because they participate fully. They have complete access to the working model. So that they know exactly how each design decision will look, work, taste, feel. Before the first shovel is turned, they know their new or renovated home INTIMATELY.

How else does the model benefit the project?

Now we can budget our projects with unbelievable accuracy. Because everything in the model has an assigned name and description including make, model, manufacture, dimensions and often serial numbers. And all those names can be printed out in a list and a price assigned and voila, a new and more accurate way to budget.

 Now our subcontractors know exactly what their tasks are because they know exactly how they should look when complete. And that eliminates the usual fluff or padding of the bid.

Many designers and architects use 3-d Cad Software to give their clients a taste of what to expect. But just a taste. Rarely do those models have the actual materials, plumbing, appliances, every design detail integrated into their model.

With our models “what you see is what you’re going to get.”


If you want to see the actual model you need to go to their office. You get an hour, maybe, with a rather roughly conceived model a couple of times during project design. You and your project our actually KEPT APART during the design process. When they send you a movie walk thru of the model how can you know that what they’ve sent is actually what you need to see?

Our model runs on our clients’ computers at their homes or offices. You can even view them on your phone or iPad. Our clients spend a lot of time in and around their homes before construction. They see it all.  All the good. All the not so good. They tell us what they like, and don’t, and we keep improving until they tell us it’s just right.

The result is no more wondering how the home will turn out. No more anxiety. And no more regret. Because of modeling, our clients know exactly what they are going to get. And that they are going to like what they get VERY MUCH.BaldyDuplexDon2 3

Modeling reduces risk not only for client, but for builder and contractors. Design modeling creates a more fully optimized product than any other process. Car manufacturers have relied on highly detailed models for decades. So have airplane manufacturers. Most things manufactured these days are modeled first. So we thought, why not use modeling to make our design build process even better?

Below are still images of a homes in design or construction. If you’re interested in learning more about the modeling process, let us know. We can send you a couple of models you can test run on your computer. Or phone or tablet. It’s hard to explain just how REVOLUTIONARY this process is. It’s just something you’ll have to experience for yourself.

We are saddened to hear the news that the legendary entertainment icon Dick Clark has passed away today at the age of  82. His career, having spanned over sixty years, included “American Bandstand”, “Pyramid”, “TV’s Bloopers & Practical Jokes”, “American Music Awards” and of course “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”.

We just came across his California home, which was recently put on the market last month, on and thought we’d share it with you.

Clark’s $3.5 million home in Malibu was modeled after Fred and Wilma’s house on “The Flintstones.” We love how this home complements the beautiful landscape of the Pacific ocean.

Photo via Inhabitat


Photo via Inhabitat


Photo via Inhabtiat


Photo via Inhabitat

You will be missed Dick Clark. New Year’s Eve won’t be the same without you!

This month, in conjunction with Colorado Architecture Month, we want to celebrate all things architecture. During the month of April, the American Institute of Architects Colorado (AIA Colorado) holds several events, free and open to the public, where you can learn more about sustainable design and the great architects and designers that have helped shape a movement, like John Lautner and Charles and Ray Eames.

To learn about the different events being held statewide visit

You’ll be able to join the conversation for Colorado Architecture Month on Twitter by using the hashtag: #CoArchMo.

We’d love to hear which architects, whether local or not, have influenced you.


Source:  DesignGid

Design Rendering of Trilogy Design Build Project "Calecho"

Trilogy is a Design Build residential construction company. But just what is Design Build?

What It Isn’t

Let me answer that question by first giving and example of what Design Build is not. Suppose you want to build your dream home (or any home, for that matter.) What’s the first thing you do? Right, buy a lot. So you contact a real estate agent who helps you find a lot. Now you own a lot. It may be , in industry parlance, a highly build-able lot. Or it may require expensive infrastructure that you weren’t counting on. You’ll find that out later on. Okay, still you own the lot. Now you need someone to design a house for the lot. Taking a deep breath you initiate an interview process and then hire an architect. An engineer. And you may or may not need other specialists or someone to help with planning, building permits and all the other details necessary before you can even begin to build. Then you need to hire a builder. You audition a bunch of builders. You may ask for a bid from each one. The bid is based on a budget based on the drawings the architect and engineer have produced. Some of the bids are low, some high. Some of the builders say the plans are adequate for construction. Others say the plans are inadequate and they  need more information, something the architect disputes. So you lay awake at night. Which builder do you hire? One builder says your lot will be difficult to build on. Another says it’s a piece of cake. Do you hire the lowest bid? What if a builder with a fantastic reputation comes in at a higher price. Is he worth the extra money? And then a couple of the builders say they don’t like fixed price budgets and that their clients prefer Cost Plus contracts and budgets. What are they talking about? The one thing you know for sure. Every builder, the architect, the engineer, the interior designer, everyone associated with the project seems to have a different opinion about every question you ask.

This is not Design Build. Design Build proposes a completely different organizational structure.

What It Is

With Design Build the client engages one entity to oversee the entirety of the home building project to include but not limited to lot choice, planning, architectural design and interior design. The Design Builder puts together an experienced team and facilitates the interaction between the design and build project participants. Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Construction, Interior Design, Interior Decorating integrate seamlessly around the table provided by the Design Builder. Most Design Builders will even suggest that they take a roll in helping the client and the real estate professional secure the best lot. The Design Builder is the party responsible for the successful outcome of the project.  The Design Builder is the bottom line when it comes to cost or labor or timeline. The Design Builder helps the home owner establish a responsible budget amount, and then governs the process so that the owner reaches budgetary goals. And architectural goals. And goals that include time frame and completion dates. A good Design Builder even advises the client with issues concerning project impact and sustainability. The Design Builder is the owner’s partner in the design and construction of the home. The Design builder supplies all the manpower, materials, and know how needed to build the home. Design Build not only offers the client a degree of integration, fiduciary responsibility, and efficiency that is atypical of the conventional “design then engineer then build” construction process. But Design build offers the homeowner client an unmatched level of security, commitment and accountability as well.

Trilogy Partner’s Design and Build approach results in successful projects. Its strong and enduring client relationships proves the worth of Design Build as a management process. Visit the Project Gallery to see examples of Trilogy Design Build projects.

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