Green building is something that more and more homeowners and home builders are looking to employ, and for good reason. Not only are more people aware of the need for sustainable living than ever before, but implementing green building practices will end up saving you money! Green building techniques are improving every day as well – just check out the innovation of self-repairing concrete.

self-repairing concrete

Source: Trilogy Partners

According to the EPA, the use of bricks and insulation uses up a lot of resources. In fact, both residential and commercial building contributes upwards of 40 percent of landfill wastes, with roughly 40 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions being linked to the construction industry.

Thankfully, new technology such as self-repairing concrete could help cut down on those numbers. Self-repairing concrete is created with an engineered bacterial that releases a calcium carbonate when mixed into the concrete as part of its waste process. This material will then fill in cracks and holes within the concrete.

Self-repairing concrete is just one of many green building innovations. For more information about green building and how you can implement it into your home design, be sure to contact us at Trilogy Builds today.

We didn’t always think this way. A decade or more ago it wouldn’t have occurred to us. But sourcing materials based on point of origin has become an important design decision. The farther away the source of materials, the more energy intensive the shipping process. And if we are indeed to build sustainably, we need to take all environmental impacts into consideration.

A great deal of reclaimed and recycled materials were also used in the home, shipped in from neighboring states and restored on site. In the end, although we might have spent a bit more time shopping materials because we were concerned about more than just appearance, we achieved results that were a win for the client and for the environment as well.

Would you be willing to compromise slightly for the sake of the environment?

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