One of the things that you should consider when investing in a green building project is making your new home a zero-energy home. A zero-energy home is a sustainable home that produces as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis. The following are a few tips for building a zero-energy home:

zero-energy homes

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One of the most important elements of designing a zero-energy home is ensuring that the amount of energy that you need in order to both heat and cool the house is reduced. This is done by making sure the entire home has top-notch insulation to keep air from leaking out or in.

Another element to help reduce energy leaks is choosing the right windows. High-quality, energy-efficient windows will go a long way in making your home more energy efficient. You should also consider the HVAC system you use. Proper sizing software is needed for well-insulated homes so that over-sized equipment isn’t used, which is a waste of energy.

These are just a few elements that will help to create a zero-energy home. For additional information on green building, be sure to contact us at Trilogy Builds today.

Trilogy Partners is pleased to report the completion of the first net-zero energy home in Breckenridge.

Designed and built under the direct supervision of Trilogy Partners, the home is located in the prestigious Timber Trails neighborhood where it enjoys ski in and out access to the Breckenridge ski area. The home uses advanced insulating technologies, geothermal wells, photovoltaic panels, and advanced energy management systems to obtain its Zero-Net designation. In the winter months the home relies on geothermal technology for heating and draws power from the local electrical grid as needed. During the summer the home utilizes geothermal for cooling and delivers unused electricity generated by the solar panels back to the grid, effectively causing the electric meter to run “backward.” This is the first of hopefully many Breckenridge homes to utilize fully sustainable energy conservation and generation technologies.

Stay tuned as we plan more articles to cover the technologies and techniques that went into making this home not only beautiful, but an energy marvel. We’ll focus on construction technologies, geothermal, solar panels, and energy management systems.

This Zero Net Energy Home built in the prestigious Timber Trail neighborhood is a wonderful mix of old world design and cutting edge technology. The home is a tribute to energy conservation. It utilizes solar, geothermal exchange, advanced building and insulating technology. The homeowner, Mr. Muller, refused to compromise on either aesthetics or energy conservation.

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