The bathroom can be one of the least eco-friendly spaces of your home if you’re not careful. Just think about how much water and energy is wasted in the bathroom everyday – not to mention the materials used in the design of the bathroom. If you’re looking to design a more eco-friendly bathroom, then consider some of the following bathroom remodeling tips:

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When remodeling your bathroom, try to use materials that are eco-friendly. For example, using local materials, such as stone, instead of ordering materials from far way. Materials that are shipped to you have to be transported, which means that you are contributing to the use of gas and the release of exhaust. You may also want to think about using recycled materials – you can find some beautiful wood to repurpose for your vanity, for example.

Don’t forget about your fixtures either. Look for low-flow faucets and dual flush toilets. These fixtures help to reduce the amount of water that is used without sacrificing performance.

Consider some of these eco-friendly bathroom remodeling tips. Be sure to contact us at Trilogy Builds today for more information and advice concerning eco-friendly bathroom design and green building in general.

Remodeling your bathroom does not have to increase your carbon footprint or lead to increased deforestation. There are several environmentally-friendly bath flooring materials that you can choose. Here is a look at our top recommendations:

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  • Concrete. This unlikely floor material is actually becoming widely popular in modern bathrooms. It can be made green with the use of recycled materials, such as glass, porcelain or ash. If you don’t love the look of traditional concrete, a slatted wood overlay can be used to warm it up.
  • Pebble Tile. Made from smooth stones, pebble tile gives your feet a gentle massage every time you step into the bath. Stone is eco-friendly because it requires very little manufacturing, and much less waste is generated than with linoleum or hardwood.
  • Recycled Glass Tile. Glass tile looks sophisticated in any bathroom, and it can be eco-friendly, too — as long as you choose tile that’s made from recycled glass. Brands vary from 30 to 97 percent recycled material. The color options are endless with glass tile, too.

At Trilogy, we take pride in offering the most attractive and eco-friendly building options. If green home design is your priority, then contact us today to get started achieving your dream home.

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