Are you looking for some ideas for your interior design? If you are, consider a natural interior. Using natural elements in your home’s design is a great way to create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere and can be done no matter what type of interior design you have. The following are some tips for designing a natural interior:

  • Flooring – Wood floors provide a warmth that other materials just don’t have. However, if you want more eco-friendly options, then consider cork, bamboo, or reclaimed wood, all of which provide that same warmth.
  • Furniture – Be sure to keep an eye out for furniture pieces that make use of natural materials and fibers as well as textiles with more subtle and organic prints. Be sure to look for wood furniture pieces as well, such as end tables, trunks, and more.
  • Area rugs – Area rugs are a great way to provide a little bit of warmth underfoot as well as tie the design of a room together. Look for area rugs that have botanical designs on them.

These are some ideas that you can use to create a more natural interior. For home building advice, contact us at Trilogy Builds today.

When designing their new home, homeowners are increasingly demanding the integration of environmentally conscious products into their home construction. Sustainability is a desired feature, because not only do they add beauty, they reduce a home’s carbon footprint. When it comes to your home’s design, consider some of these green home features:

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Solar Panels: Solar panel popularity is multi-faceted: Solar power installation can save you money, increase the value of your property and be a great investment that also helps the environment.

Flooring: When choosing your flooring, opt for natural, renewable, or recycled flooring sources. For example, bamboo flooring is a grass which, unlike trees, can be harvested every five years. Another option is floor panels. Look for floor panels which conform to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard, which promotes responsible forestland management in North America.

Cabinetry: Green cabinetry that is certified by the KCMA environmental stewardship program assures you that stringent requirements for process resource management, air quality, community relations, and environmental stewardship have been met.

For more ideas about building a greener home, contact us at Trilogy Partners.

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