Have a seat with your own dedicated design team. Let your imagination fly while our designers bring your ideas to life. Create your dream space all with the comfort of knowing this project is within your set budget. Oh, but what’s all that going to cost?

Way back when, before we started designing and building homes, we were accountants. Went to business school. Became Quickbooks instructors.

And then we invested tens of millions of dollars in our own projects. 

Rest assured, we put your money first. At Trilogy Partners you are continually kept in the loop and in control of your budget and your money. Our transparent budgeting and draw process sends clients bi-weekly emails that detail where the project budget is up to that very day. The email details any line item that is over or under budget and lists why. Your project accounting is always available online, in your personal “cloud” database.

And then we invented Project Management Modeling. Simply the best way to delivery a great product. At a great price. It’s money management reconsidered and redesigned.

Our PMM model provides the best estimating in the business. And the best way to manage construction. While others are continuing to manage obsolescence and legal issues resulting from bad estimating and project management, we invented a better way to control costs and improve onsite performance. The best way to handle change orders, although with PMM they are greatly reduced.

Our estimates are the most truthful in the business. 

Total transparency, frequent draws, accurate and timely reporting and estimating. Advanced cost saving measures through emerging technologies such as PMM. Our our experience, our process, our reputation put your money first. 

Trilogy Partners

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