From our client:

When we went to Trilogy, we were unsure of what could be done to upgrade our duplex on a funny lot. We knew the windows and exterior siding needed replacing. We also wanted some extra living space, a usable entry and a garage. Trilogy took our ideas and worked with the architect to come up with a concept which was done in a couple of months. Once we decided on a basic idea the project took off. We realized we could get all the things on our list done and much more to transform our property into a home that is more than we imagined it could be. Trilogy was so helpful in providing the needed information for financing. We asked more than once “can we really do this”.

Before ground breaking, Trilogy produced a 3-D walkthrough model which made the project come to life. During the first months of planning and permitting the 3-D model helped us change some room layouts and add some nice extras that just fit (i.e. 112 loft, special fireplace and 110 bedroom layout). The 3-D model really helped in picking the floor covering layout, wood, carpet or tile type. Furniture size and placement went from guess work to an easy decision with the 3-D modeling.

During the building, many challenges came up and the Trilogy group could always come up with a plan to resolve the issues while keeping our end goal in mind. The Trilogy group really put their heart and soul in this project. We thank them for bringing this project to reality, for all the little extra add-ons which they knew we needed to make this our special home we will enjoy for years to come.

From our Design Build team:

What do you do with a modular duplex high atop Breckenridge with the most awe-inspiring views but dated look from the 70s? Many people would be tempted to start anew but Trilogy saw the opportunity to turn the ugly duckling into the beautiful swan it is today. The result is a home that is unrecognizable from the original structure.

This home was originally a modular duplex originally set in 1978. The remodel was total and complete and resulted in approximately 3000 additional square feet and a contemporary mountain home with an attached vacation rental.

Trilogy worked with the clients to envision what their ideal mountain home would look like and worked with the existing structure and the client’s budget to turn that dream into a reality. The clients enjoyed a design experience that included 3d modeling of all architectural and design details. This was an industry first for a project of this size as Building Information Modeling is usually reserved for larger projects due to cost considerations.

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