A growing trend in luxury home design is green building. The growing concern about saving the planet, preserving resources, and doing more with less is catching on like wildfire. However when it comes to green roofs, there are a lot of misconceptions that may be keeping you from diving into this trend. Let’s talk a bit about some of those myths here.

green apartment design

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Myth #1: Green roofs cause leaks.

Not true! A leaky roof is caused by improper installation or wearing away of the waterproofing membrane — whether you have a green roof or a traditional roof.

Myth #2: You can DIY a green roof by putting dirt on the roof.

Not true! You need more than just potting soil to make a good green roof. In addition, your home needs to be analyzed by a green roofing specialist to determine if your home can handle the weight of rain soaked dirt and plants.

Myth #3: Green roofs are complicated and expensive.

Not true! People are confused about what is new to them. That is why hiring the right green roofing specialist is essential to getting the facts about how green roofs can improve your home life.

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