The use of box beam ceilings in a home is a beautiful detail often found in more traditionally styled homes, but it is also finding its way into other interior design styles. This detail can add elegance, and yet be functional when installed as a hollow version as a way to install lighting and keep wires or pipes hidden from view without tearing down the existing ceiling.

using box beam ceilings

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You will most often see box beam ceilings in kitchens and dining rooms, but this stunning feature can be added to almost any room to enhance its atmosphere. For example, in a living room, box beams can be used to frame skylights.

Depending upon your design and color scheme, there are various ways to enhance your kitchen or dining room decor with box beams. You could chose to go with natural wood, pure white, or a color that matches a trim already used within the room. Alternatively, the color of the box beams can be an interesting contrast to what already exists in that space.

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