The holiday season tends to put everyone into a festive spirit. As much as it is known for receiving gifts, it’s also known for the act of gift giving itself. We tend to feel more generous and selfless during the holiday season as we reflect upon ourselves, our friends, our family and the year that has past. If you have an interest in Colorado architecture, then this should put you in the right mood for this article at the Architizer Blog.

The article lists and describes ten design projects that were instituted to benefit the common good. All of them are quite noteworthy; for example, number eight’s The Gates Foundations’s Inaugural Toilet Festival. As humorous as it sounds, legendary multi-billionaire Bill Gates had his thoughts firmly planted on our sustainability. He issued a multi-million dollar challenge to anyone who could create a toilet that wasn’t dependent on plumbed water, a sewer system or electricity. Someone came forward with a self-cleaning, solar powered toilet that turns urine and waste into hydrogen and fertilizer!

Check out the rest of the design projects listed at Architizer Blog that will help return your faith in our ability to do less damage to our environment, and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Source: Architizer

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