Trilogy on Design: Mixing Metal and Wood

If you’re looking for building materials that will provide your home with a unique aesthetic as well as a bit of personality, then we recommend combining the use of metal and wood together for beautiful results. The following are just a few examples of how you can mix metal with wood:

metal and wood

Source: Houzz

  • Warm and inviting – Compliment your bronze light fixtures with several different types of wood in order to elevate the visual dimension of the space.
  • Beautiful contrast – Choose a light wooden table and surround it with metal chairs or stools to add some interesting visual contrast instead of complimenting it with wood chairs.
  • Industrial style – Build your kitchen island out of distressed wood and add metal to it to create a strong focal point. Add a bit of visual balance by surrounding the island with lighter metal stools.
  • Wood furniture and metal décor – If you have distressed wood furniture pieces, such as dressers or bookcases, add some metal décor – like a small metal lamp – to provide some texture and depth.

Use these examples to inspire your use of wood and metal. Contact us at Trilogy Builds for additional home design advice.

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