Trilogy Talks Green: New Asian Leader in Green Building: Singapore

Singapore is known for many things from their vibrant food culture to their rich multi-cultural heritage to their high-tech industry. To add to their list, Singapore is leading the way in Asia in terms of green building.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone since Singapore Island only covers 85 square miles and is one of the most highly urbanized areas on Earth. This level of urbanization creates many special ecological and economic problems which Singapore is dealing with via green building technology.

Modern Exterior via Houzz

Buildings in Singapore use a wide variety of methods to go green. These range from advanced solar paneling, landscaping the buildings themselves, using better types of recycled/sustainable building materials, as well as improved ‘smart lighting’ which works in tandem with available natural light.

The Singapore government has promoted this move towards green building with a generous incentive plan which has led to 1,534 new buildings passing the local equivalent of LEEDs certification. Along with older retrofitted properties, green structures account for 1/5 of all Singapore buildings making them Asia’s most green country.

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