As concern over rising energy costs and environmental destruction rises, homeowners are looking for ways to go green while enjoying cutting edge design and attractive architecture. We put a heavy emphasis on sustainable design at Trilogy, and we will be excited to explore some of these upcoming green building trends with our Colorado customers in 2013.

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Solar Panels

Design experts at Inhabitat believe that demand for home solar panel systems will only grow during 2013. Manufacturers are finding new ways to make them attractive and easy to blend in with the exterior of a home.

Healthy Building Materials

With many paints and building materials releasing dangerous volatile organic compounds, designers and manufacturers alike will continue to expand their offerings of healthy alternatives that are free from these emissions.

Storm Resistance

Massive natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy have highlighted the importance of building structures that can withstand flooding and high winds. Many homeowners are expected to look for durable, storm-proof architecture during 2013.

Pre-Industrial Inspiration

Finally, designers can expect to see a surge in demand for pre-industrial features like root cellars and kitchen gardens. Even the sleekest modern homes can be complemented by a few of these useful additions.

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